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Anti-Microbial Colour Range – White Paper

The food industry has the ultimate responsibility of ensuring that the products they source, process and pack can be safely consumed – physical, chemical and biological cleanliness is an absolute prerequisite for food safety. A wide range of hazards face manufacturers in the making of foodstuffs that can contaminate food such as, primarily, microorganisms and their toxins, in addition to allergens, cleaning residues and lubricants. ... read more

Hygiene and Cleaning

Equipment used to clean food and drink premises can often be a major source of cross-contamination. Catherine Watkinson offers advice – including on the use of anti-microbial cleaning tools – to help ensure this does not occur. ... read more

Food Hygiene Ratings

Did you see the BBC 1 programme last night about fake food hygiene ratings? It's prompted us to have a look at what food hygiene ratings mean to us and you. ... read more

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