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Hanging Systems

There are a lot of advantages to hanging up brushes, squeegees and other cleaning tools after use. They won't get left lying around, are able to air dry, and are more easily identified if in the wrong place, or are damaged or missing. And everyone knows where to find them.

Hillbrush has several different types of the hanger to help you. A great deal of our products have hanging holes and may simply be hung up on plastic or stainless steel hooks.

The plastic hangers and hooks in our HD system are often slotted in to aluminium tracks, which are easily disassembled for cleaning. In fact, some combinations of hooks and hangers are available as standard, but you can buy whatever combination you need to make up your own.

We also offer a four station all-in-one plastic hanger (there is an antimicrobial version), and a stainless steel hanger which is long enough to hold a bucket.

We can advise on the best hangers to use, or ask for our ready reckoner, which will tell you what hangers may be used with any of our products, and our recommendations.

The HD hanger system, and the four station plastic hanger are available in up to nine colours.

You might consider a shadow board to store your products, see our Shadow Board page.

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