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Hillbrush offers a line of antimicrobial products which incorporates the benefits of Biomaster silver-based antimicrobial additive, technology that helps create more robust protection against mould, yeast and bacteria growth on its surface. The antimicrobial performance will continue to work throughout the lifetime of the tool.

This line provides the same high standard of materials ensuring high durability, easy to keep clean, compatible with all cleaning chemicals and safe to be used in food manufacturing environments.

Antimicrobial brushes are Resin-Set as standard (for details about resin set products, refer to the Resin section).

To ensure that the antimicrobial line can fully support Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), tools have been manufactured using 6 different colours including red, purple, yellow, blue, green and black. These options allow sites to allocate specific colours for effective zone segregation, control of cross-contamination of hazards and 5S methodology when managing cleaning and handling tools. Each product is marked as antimicrobial alongside the logo.

All components in our antimicrobial products are FDA and EU approved for food contact, for more information please check each product for technical specifications and declarations of compliance.

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Antimicrobial Key Attributes

Technology-based Protection

Hillbrush antimicrobial range has the benefit of Biomaster silver-ion based additive, providing an effective way to kill bacteria, mould and yeast for the effective lifetime of the product.

Hygienic by Design

By following hygienic design guidelines for its all its products, Hillbrush has combined the advantage of tools that are easy to clean, robust throughout the life of the product with active antimicrobial protection that will not fade or be affected by time and abrasion.

Reduced Cross-contamination

A combination of premium materials of construction and choice of different colours create the perfect tool to control the risk of product contamination, providing easy identification of tools for different areas, specific tasks or cleaning routines.
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