Case Study: SureCav®

At the start of 2020 Hillbrush started to manufacture, package and distribute SureCav cavity wall spacer system. This building and construction trade innovation has proven extremely successful and demand has grown for both the SureCav25 and SureCav50 solutions. Hillbrush now operate two 1,000 tonne moulding machines allowing flexibility in stock control as seasonal demand dictates.

SureCav: The new technology in cavity wall construction

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SureCav is a UK based company that supply the construction industry with their pioneering cavity wall backing system.


By building with SureCav panels instead of a using a traditional block leaf you are providing a barrier to protect from wind driven rain and other harsh elements. The “wall” of plastic, formed by the SureCav panels not only provide an excellent surface for the construction of the stone wall but shields the cavity and inner leaf from water ingress.

Architects, builders and designers truly benefit from these developments, clearly showing their interest by already using SureCav throughout the whole of the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and even further afield in the United States.


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Product Information

Originally vacuum formed, SureCav is now made by injection moulding from 100% recycled polypropylene. Some key features of SureCav products include:


  • Light weight easy to transport - 100 times lighter than 100mm concrete backing blocks
  • Incorporates a new fold line that makes it easy to construct corners
  • Will save you money, guarantee clean and moisture free cavities and create up to 6% extra internal floor space with narrower footings, when original external dimensions used. It significantly reduces labour and material costs and gives a faster cleaner build
  • SureCav guarantees absolute integrity of the cavity by providing clean moisture free cavities that also stop water penetration from wind driven rain
  • It is durable and remains effective for the life of the building

SureCav is a fantastic product and as we said in the CPD it has very much become standard detail for stonework within the office. Perhaps now with knowledge of the further advantages of waterproofing and stability it may become more widely specified for other cavity wall types also. Many thanks for all your help and we hope that our support of your product will continue to push SureCav as a recognised standard for cavity wall construction within the industry

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SureCav Challenges


As the demand for SureCav products have increased within the commercial and domestic construction industries - as did their need for larger scale production. It became apparent that they needed a partner to assist them in the mass manufacturing of their SureCav products. The injection moulding solution capabilities that Hillbrush have, would enable them to achieve this.


Hillbrush Injection Moulding Solutions


By utilising the extensive capability of the injection moulding department at Hillbrush, SureCav products are able to be produced efficiently, sustainably and consistently.

The two fully automated 1000 tonne press injection moulding machines at Hillbrush ensure that orders are fulfilled effectively, tight deadlines are met for their clients across the industry and enables mass production for their products that are in high demand.


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