Year 6 Brush Design Challenge

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Hillbrush recently organised its annual brush design competition in collaboration with the talented Year 6 students from Mere Primary School. This engaging initiative provided a wonderful opportunity for both the students and our team, resulting in an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all involved.

Mere_School-3The competition comprised two key components. Firstly, the students had the privilege of visiting Hillbrush HQ, where they participated in an interactive brush-making workshop facilitated by our Product Design and Development Manager, Matt Piper, and our Quality and Health and Safety Coordinator, Lewis Trigg. During this immersive session, the students were introduced to the competition's task: to conceive a novel concept for a brush or cleaning tool that addresses a specific challenge. Furthermore, they were given an extensive tour of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and offices, providing them with valuable insights into our operations.

The second phase of the competition involved the students working in teams to refine and finalise their design concepts. To assess their submissions, both Matt and Lewis visited the school, evaluating the presentations and selecting the winning design. The students' creativity and dedication were evident in the exceptional quality and attention to detail showcased in their designs.



We have been bringing pupils to Hillbrush for nearly a decade and it is a unique experience for our year 6 pupils. Touring the factory and learning about how the brushes are made from start to finish is a great way to bring our geography trade work to life.  The second part of our project designing a new brush is my favourite part and it never ceases to amaze me how innovative the children are. This year's winning idea of a metal detector-type gadget for getting rid of plastic on beaches was amazing.
Mrs Loxton
Class Teacher

We were truly impressed with the designs submitted by the students. Their meticulous planning and evident commitment demonstrated the significant time and effort they invested in their creations. It was inspiring to witness their enthusiasm for brush design and witness their innovative ideas come to life. "Pitching our design was nerve-racking and heart racing." - Thomas, "A great learning experience- interesting, challenging and fun." - Belle.

Mere_School-2At Hillbrush, we are committed to nurturing creativity and fostering collaboration within our local community. The brush design competition not only showcased the students' exceptional talent but also provided them with a unique opportunity to gain insights into the world of product design and manufacturing.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Mere Primary School for their enthusiastic participation and congratulate all the students on their outstanding achievements. Hillbrush remains dedicated to encouraging and supporting young minds to explore their passion for design and innovation.