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Metal Detectable Tools

Hillbrush's metal detectable and x-ray visible (MDX) plastic cleaning tools are designed to minimize the risk of foreign object contamination in food processing environments.

The moulded products including the scoops, scrapers and the bucket, and brushes with dark blue plastic backs and grey fibres make up the Total MDX line, where all parts are metal detectable and x-ray visible. The Total MDX brushes are Resin Set as standard, and the resin contains the detectable additive (for full details of Resin Set¨ brushes refer to the Resin section).

Total MDX brushes are available in MDX blue only. Hillbrush also offers brushes with standard coloured blocks, which are not detectable, filled with the same grey metal detectable and x-ray visible grey filaments as in the Total MDX line. This ensures the high risk fibres are traceable within the production line, while the four colours support HACCP and 5S departmental segregation. The brushes made this way are not Resin Set, and are made in the standard way with no resin content.

The detectable plastics we use have been successfully used on properly calibrated machinery, but we recommend that you do your own tests to ensure their suitability for the job, where the make of the detectors, speed of throughput, moisture content and other factors may affect detectability. Please ask for freely available MDX fibres to enable you to do this easily. The detectable properties of the plastics used are not affected by time, moisture, cleaning or abrasion.

All components in our MDX products are FDA and EU approved for food contact.

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