Manufacturing Capabilities

World Class Quality, World Class Safety.

We are proud of our 100-year history of British manufacturing. We have upgraded our machines and manufacturing methods over the past 100 years in order to keep our facility producing high-quality brushes and cleaning tools in the most efficient way possible.


With our new state-of-the-art facility opening in 2016, this had led to more possibilities and investment into new machinery and hygiene product development.


Take a look below at our manufacturing capabilities.

Product Design and Development

Hygiene Dustpan
Dustpan CAD Drawing
Hygiene Scrub Brush
ST9 Initial Drawing
Hygienic Scrub Brush
ST9 Dimentions
ST9 CAD Wire Frame
Traditional Hand Brush
30BC CAD Drawing
Hygienic hand Brush
B884 CAD Drawing
Hygiene Broom
B1850 CAD Drawing
Hygiene Hand Brush
D9 CAD Drawing
Hygienic Plunger
Plunger CAD Drawing
Traditional Shovel
SHD7 CAD Drawing
Hygienic Hook
Hook CAD Drawing
Hygiene Hand Brush
D4 CAD Drawing
Traditional Hand Brush
ST1 CAD Drawing

Brush Making

brush manufacturers uk
Brush Making Factory Floor
Manufacturing Technology
Robotic Manufacturing Machine
Traditional Brush Manufacturing
Material chute filled with fibre
Traditional Broom Manufacturer Traditional Broom Manufacturer
H7-5 Platform Broom Construction
Traditional fibre Dressing
Fibre Dressing
Wooden Broom Manufacturer
H5 In Production
Wooden Handle Manufacturing
Handle and Stay Construction
sq24 sq24
SQ-24 Construction
Product Picking and Packing
Product Quality
30BC Quality Check
Wooden Hand Brush Wooden Hand Brush
D1BM In Production
Traditional Manufacturing
Traditional Brooms In Production

Injection Moulding

Trade Moulding
Injection Moulded Sqeegee
Hygiene Product Hygiene Product
D79RES In Production
Injection Moulding
Injection Moulding Department
Injection Moulding Capability Injection Moulding Capability
Injection Machine Installation
Hygiene Product Manufacturing
1000 Tonne Injection Moulding Machine
Mouldings Quality Check
Mouldings Quality Checking
Hygiene Nail Brush
NA4 Nailbrush Clean Up
Hygiene Broom Hygiene Broom
Hygiene Sweeping Broom
Food Safe Quality Check
B1732 Quality Check

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