Hillbrush Sustainability Policy

Reducing our carbon footprint one brush at a time!

Our Sustainability Commitment

Hillbrush is firmly committed to environmental protection through the reduction of carbon emissions. Our collective efforts aim to contribute to the mitigation of climate change.


Our mission is:


To make our world a cleaner and more sustainable environment to work, live and play in, through our high-quality innovative products and services
We strive to do more good for our planet and our society - not just less harm



Hillbrush began in 1922 producing brushes for farmers. It now produces a staggering range, serving many household and industrial needs. The company take eco responsibility seriously, with the development of new recyclable products and a reduction in packaging being prime examples of how it can help. Hillbrush's enduring philosophy revolves around the production of superior quality products designed for extended durability.


For any business setting their sights on similar goals, Hillbrush has a few words of advice. Make sustainability integral to your business plan, set realistic targets, and focus on what is achievable. With the right sustainable solutions in place, it’s possible to reduce the impact we make on the environment and protect our business’s bottom line.


“With the support of Lloyds Bank, we’ve been able to meet our ever-increasing production demands and focus on how we can achieve them sustainably.” Andy Coward, Managing Director, Hillbrush.


Sustainably Sourced Wood

We reassure our distributors and our customers that we manufacture our products using wood which comes from well-managed forests and sustainable sources.


  • Forest management standards, expand protection of water quality
  • Prohibits harvest of rare old-growth forest
  • Prevents loss of natural forest cover
  • Prohibits the use of highly hazardous chemicals

We incorporate a significant array of natural materials into a substantial portion of our brush designs. This conscious choice serves to contribute to the preservation of natural forest ecosystems and the well-being of the communities closely associated with them.

Recycled Plastic Products

Our commitment to sustainability is exemplified by our substantial efforts to incorporate recycled plastic into the construction of our brush backs. These strides underscore our dedication to environmental responsibility and the promotion of a circular economy. We prioritise the reduction of waste and the conservation of resources through the use of recycled materials.

We Are Climate Partner Certified

Climate Partner help customers calculate and reduce their carbon emissions and finance climate projects.


The ClimatePartner certified label guarantees transparency and credibility: consumers can use the climate-ID number of a product, company, or another category to find out the amount of calculated emissions, the relevant reduction measures, the supported climate projects, and more information such as the Sustainable Development Goals met by the project.

Hillbrush Solar Power Energy Generation

As a manufacturing company, we are significant consumers of energy. In 2016, we implemented a 250 kW solar energy system. Subsequently, in 2023, we expanded our solar energy capacity to over 700 kW.



  • We’ve reduced our use of fossil fuels
  • Created a sustainable way of generating electricity
  • Innovative approach to sourcing our electricity
  • All our electricity comes from renewable sources


Recyclable MaterialsPerrys-Certificate-2022


Perrys Recycling Partnership


Hillbrush is proud to partner with Perrys Recycling, which processes our recyclable materials. For the past 5 years, we have received the 'Certificate of Environmental Achievement' from Perrys.


Since 2016, we have boosted our recycling efforts, increasing the tonnage of materials we recycle by an impressive 84.9%.


Because our offices have significant lighting needs, LED lighting has given us unique financial and environmental benefits since we installed them.


At our premises, we have installed electric vehicle (EV) charging points with the intention of contributing positively to our local community.ly to our local community.


Hillbrush takes great pride in its cutting-edge facility, meticulously constructed to comply with the latest building codes and equipped with state-of-the-art insulation.

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