Hillbrush Special Products

We are able to offer bespoke or custom brushware products designed for your unique application needs. 

Call us on 01747 860 494 or send us your requirements using our Enquiry Form.

Hillbrush Special Products

We are able to offer bespoke or custom brushware products designed for your unique application needs. 

Call us on 01747 860 494 or send us your requirements using our Enquiry Form.

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Hillbrush Sustainability Policy

Reducing our carbon footprint one brush at a time!

Our Sustainability Commitment

Hillbrush is committed to protecting and preserving the environment by reducing our carbon emissions so that together we can halt climate change.


Hillbrush is committed to creating a sustainable society managing our operations in a way that balances our social, environmental and economic objectives. To do this, sustainability considerations are given to a suite of interdependent policies and their procedures, which are implemented collectively in order to deliver the objectives of the Sustainability Policy. 

  • We strive to use a minimal amount of packaging materials and comply with all Environmental Protection Agency Wate Packaging Regulations (2007)*
  • All Plastic products manufactured by Hillbrush comply with Environmental Protection Agency recycling regulations
  • We have installed a 250kw PV solar generating system
  • All recyclable packaging is recycled or reused to keep it in the circular economy
  • We use 80% recycled content cardboard boxes, with a view to increasing this where possible
  • We have installed automatic taps to control water consumption
  • Our energy-efficient moulding machines use considerably less power than our previous site
  • We have installed two electric car charging points for environmentally friendly vehicles
  • Our head office uses efficient LED lighting operated via sensors and timers to reduce energy wastage. Wall and roof insulation is compliant with the latest energy efficiency standards 
  • All the vegetable fibres used in our brushes are harvested from crops in developing countries to support local communities and help us further our commitment to corporate social responsibility
  • Hillbrush has an FSC© (Forest Stewardship Council®) Chain of Custody certification (TT-COC-001562) for wooden brush backs and other wooden products.

*Weight of packaging per product is available on request

We Are Planet Mark Certified

PM_LOGO_RGB_FULL_COLOUR.The Planet Mark is a sustainability certification for every type of organisation, for products and real estate. Our certification recognises continuous improvement, encourages action and builds an empowered community of like-minded individuals who make a world of difference.


They work passionately with organisations to empower their people to halt the climate crisis and improve society in everything they do. And by working this way we will build a sustainable brighter future for us and our planet.


When you see a Planet Mark certified member, you know that they are driving continuous positive change through their actions, people and reach.

Our Planet Mark Pledge

Utilities: Electricity, gas and water

  • With the help of Planet Mark we have pledged to improve year on year
  • Invest in energy efficient items
  • More solar panels


  • Create a travel hierarchy for our organisation to create a culture of sustainable travel
  • Keep vehicles well serviced
  • Can we look at hybrid cars if and when we need them?


  • Following the 5 R’s – rethink, refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Can we look at cutting out single use plastic


  • Improve our renewal energy supply
  • Use recycled paper throughout including in Ops
  • Create an ethical & sustainable procurement policy

Social Impacts:

  • Ensure diversity and equality
  • Run volunteering days
  • Employ locally
  • Donate to local organisations
  • Think about staff perks e.g. rewards & recognition


Hillbrush Carbon Footprint Reductions 2019 vs 2020



  • Our building emissions decreased by 5.8% compared to YE2019



  • Our business travel emissions decreased by 100% compared to YE2019
  • Our fleet emissions decreased by 83.5% compared to YE2019

Utilities / Waste


  • Our waste emissions decreased by 18.2% compared to YE2019
  • Our water emissions decreased by 43.5% compared to YE2019



  • Our procurement emissions decreased by 100% compared to YE2019



  • Courier emissions decreased by 100% compared to YE2019


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Humans are great problem solvers. We need to imagine a better future and work to create it.


Sir David Attenborough


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