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245mm Replacement Professional Waterflow Broom

245mm Replacement Professional Waterflow Broom

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This product is not available to business customers
Product is splittable, minimum order quantity is 1
Replacement 250mm x 110mm brush for PROWBMED and PROWBTRIP, filled soft, flagged yellow Nylon.

Product Specification

Length: 248 mm
Width: 88 mm
Height: 127 mm
Weight: 0.47 kg
Material: Polypropylene
Filament Material: Nylon
Filament Retention: Standard
Stiffness: Soft
Country Of Origin: TW

Pack Specification

Pack Quantity: 18
Length: 740 mm
Width: 360 mm
Height: 275 mm
Weight: 9.35 kg
Packaging: Cardboard Box