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We are always striving to meet the needs of the market and create something unique. Our product development team has the knowledge and expertise to improve the design of products which are already being made by us, but are constantly brainstorming ideas for new and innovative ranges.

Our state of the art manufacturing facility allows our ideas to become reality as we use Computer Aided Design (CAD) to create products from inception and create samples which can then be tested prior to being put into production.


We have been manufacturing brushes and cleaning tools since 1922. The methods used to make our products have changed little in this time, but with advancements in technology and our in-depth knowledge of the industry, we have adapted our process and are producing millions of products each year.

Our dedicated manufacturing team is committed to producing the finest quality products. We have employed generations of local people who are passionate about the Hillbrush brand and who continue to move with the times to ensure our products are produced efficiently and to the highest standards.


Although Hillbrush originally began manufacturing wooden brushware, the Company has been producing plastic products for use within the hygiene sector since the 1970s. During this time, our injection moulding facility has grown to include a selection of the most advanced machinery available, that delivers accuracy, economy and versatility. This has allowed us to not only make quality brush backs but also handle grips, hangers, squeegees, scrapers, scoops, shovels, dustpans and products to order.

Even with our experience and skills, we are constantly learning and growing, which is why we welcome ideas and constructive criticism from our customers.