Metal and X-Ray Detectable Cleaning Equipment

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Foreign body contamination is a worldwide issue in the food and drink industry. Combined with the requirement for healthy productivity and increasing demands for product, this can be a recipe for disaster. Hillbrush has recognised this concern and manufactured a variety of cleaning tools that are metal and X-ray detectable.

By manufacturing resistant, effective and hygienic brushes with the advantage of being detected if integrity is compromised, Hillbrush has combined the need for a clean environment and control of foreign bodies in its MDX range.

Foreign Body Contamination in Production is a Constant Risk

From incoming contaminated ingredients to poorly managed maintenance, food processing production areas are full of instances where foreign bodies are at risk of integration into the finished product with the potential for catastrophic results.

Cleaning activities also pose a risk with wear and tear of cleaning tools due to sharp edges of production equipment, environment or even the poorly designed layout of production lines increasing the level of contamination in the process.

Hillbrush Metal and X-Ray Detectable Brushes

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As global leaders in innovative technologies for the food and drinks industries, Hillbrush has created fully metal and x-ray detectable products, representing the most advanced tools of their kind. 

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By using the correct application of metal detectability, Hillbrush’s tools are not affected by time or abrasion, and provide an extra layer of protection against contamination caused by cleaning tools.

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Hillbrush has developed brushes (including the filaments), squeegees, buckets, scrapers and scoops, that are made with metal detectable plastics. These plastics will normally be detected by properly calibrated metal detectors, working at speed, in wet or dry conditions. 

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The detectable additive, which was originally to make medical equipment X-ray visible, is FEIBP approved for food contact and is not affected by time or abrasion.


Please ask for samples of our brush fibres and other plastics, so that you can carry out tests with your detectors.

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