Hillbrush Supports Local Additional Needs School at Careers Day

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Hillbrush is dedicated to providing equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of background or ability. As such, they were pleased to be invited to Critchill School's annual careers day. Critchill is an additional needs school based in Frome, Somerset, and works hard to prepare its students for the working world after they leave school. They host an annual 'what's my job' career day for the children.

Hillbrush's Digital Marketing Manager, Jordan Osborne, was able to speak to the students and answer their questions about working in digital marketing and manufacturing.

The children asked specific questions during the event to attempt to figure out what job Jordan and the business did. The children were really interested and some excellent questions were posed. They returned to the employers after some deliberation to explain what they believed they did in their function. Jordan went on to describe his role and what Hillbrush does with the aid of props. The diverse fibre stiffness and materials were well received by everyone as several of the children have sensory needs.

Jordan, the Digital Marketing Manager, also provided the students with some insight into Hillbrush. They discussed how Hillbrush manufactures a wide variety of products, ranging from brooms to squeegees. They also discussed how Hillbrush products are designed to be of the highest quality and are used in many homes and industries around the world.

He discussed the importance of having the right tools for cleaning and tidying your home. He explained that Hillbrush products are designed to make cleaning and tidying easier and more efficient.

Overall, the children enjoyed their encounter with Hillbrush and were fascinated by the amount of different products that are manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility in Mere, Wiltshire.