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If you are a key worker and still going into work to help keep people safe and the country running, we thank and applaud you for all your efforts during this difficult and uncertain time.

As a British cleaning equipment manufacturer, we too are operating 'business as usual' despite office staff working remotely. Our manufacturing team are still in full production capacity at our site in Mere, delivering products to our distribution network supplying the Food & Drink and Healthcare industries. We know how important it is to ensure thorough cleaning procedures are put in place for these industries, especially during a global pandemic like Coronavirus. Likewise, we know that it is equally important that suppliers to these industries also deliver on good practices.

We are continually learning more about COVID-19 and how it is transmitted. We know that the virus can be transmitted through coughing, sneezing and via physical contact where the virus particles can be inhaled or transferred to the next person. It has also been suggested that the virus can live on some hard surfaces for up to 72 hours. The best way to keep the virus at bay is to thoroughly and regularly clean all surfaces, especially touch points and anywhere that may have been contaminated by an infected person. 

Hillbrush products are manufactured to high-quality standards for peace of mind and can be autoclaved at 134˚C/274˚F to ensure that they are safely sanitised and used as part of a thorough cleaning regime. Ensuring that the right equipment is used to clean a site and the staff understand the importance of good hygiene practices is the best way to avoid cross-contamination and any spread of harmful bacteria.

We have been proactive in displaying best practice posters around Hillbrush and are now offering the same safety posters for FREE for anyone who would like to put up around their workstation or in critical areas in their business. 

We hope you find these useful and can download them here:


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