Tube and Twisted Wire Brushes

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Tube and Twisted Wire Brushes

Hillbrush offers two distinct types of tube brushes, tube brushes that are made to fit our standard handles, and twisted in wire brushes.

The tube brushes are made in the same way as all our other brushes, on solid polypropylene cores, filled with PBT polyester secured with stainless steel staples. They come in different colours and four different diameters. The #B1659 Drain Brush is also made this way, and is complete with a handle as standard. These brushes contain more material and are stiffer than their twisted wire counterparts, but cannot be made in very small diameters.

Our twisted in wire brushes are made on stainless steel wire, are filled with PBT polyester and range in diameter from 12mm to 76mm. They are available in five different colours. The lightest, most flexible versions are made to fit 787mm, 1498mm and 2997mm twisted wire handles. These twisted in wire brushes can negotiate gentle curves but should never be forced around corners. The other types come in 304mm, 381mm and 762mm lengths. Twisted in wire brushes are light, manoeuvrable and moderately flexible, but the larger the diameter the softer they feel, and effective diameters are limited to 76mm or less.

Our tube and twisted in wire brushes are durable, rot proof, corrosion proof and may be autoclaved in temperatures up to 135°C. They are made for demanding industrial and food processing environments.

Hillbrush additionally offers twisted in wire pipe dusting brushes, typically for ducting and pipework in inaccessible roofing areas, such as sprinkler systems. They are threaded to fit our standard and extending handles. While all the brushes described contain components that are FDA and EU approved for food contact, these brushes contain metal nuts and bolts, and delicate plastic parts, and should be used with extra care in food processing areas.

NEVER use poles and pipe dusting brushes near electrical wiring.

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