Hygienic Squeegees For Food Production

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Hillbrush offers light and versatile single bladed squeegees, and heavier double bladed squeegees, in a large number of colours. They all fit our standard handles (see the Handles page.

The single bladed squeegees are available in five widths up to 711mm. They are metal free, light, seamless and easily cleaned. They clear water very well on smoother surfaces. The smallest 304mm version can be used with a short handle for countertop use. And, a 609mm fully antimicrobial version is available (see also the Antimicrobial page.

The heavier squeegees we offer are made with the best closed cell Dura-flexª rubber, which is very long lasting, has excellent elasticity, resists tearing and abrasion, and is well suited for use on both smooth and more rugged surfaces.

Rubber is vulnerable to attack by oils and blood, and the rubber we use in our blades, being designed for use in food processing, is (unlike most squeegee rubber on the market) specially formulated to be resistant to both.

All components in our squeegees are FDA and EU approved for food contact.

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