Welcome to the Hillbrush Commercial Range of Cleaning Equipment, where excellence meets efficiency. Our comprehensive selection of commercial cleaning tools is designed to cater to the unique needs of businesses across various industries. From commercial brooms to litter picking bag hoops, we offer a diverse range of commercial equipment that ensures cleanliness and hygiene.


Explore our assortment of commercial mops, signs, and brushes that are specially crafted to meet the demands of commercial settings. Our 5S cleaning station provides an organized approach to cleaning routines, while our litter picking equipment helps maintain a pristine environment. Discover our line of commercial floorcare tools, including window cleaning equipment, squeegees, buckets, and dustpans. Our commercial scoops and handles are meticulously designed to streamline your janitorial processes.


As your trusted janitorial equipment supplier, we understand the significance of quality and compliance. That's why our commercial cleaning products are designed to meet the highest standards, including food safety and hygiene regulations. Our hygiene brooms and handles are colour-coded for easy identification and segregation, ensuring impeccable cleanliness. Our range aligns with the principles of sustainability, as seen in our ECO offerings.

Experience the difference that our hygienic cleaning products bring to your establishment. Prioritize food safety and hygiene with our top-tier products that are tailored to meet your needs.