Hillbrush COVID-19 Information & Guidance

Coronavirus information

If the global COVID-19 pandemic spreading across our world right now has taught us anything, it's that good personal and environmental hygiene and a deeper understanding of cleaning procedures is of the utmost importance in controlling the spread of pathogens.



We are continually learning more about COVID-19 and how it is transmitted. We know that the virus can be transmitted through coughing, sneezing and via physical contact where the virus particles can be inhaled or transferred to the next person. It has also been suggested that the virus can live on some hard surfaces for up to 72 hours. The best way to keep the virus at bay is to thoroughly and regularly clean all surfaces, especially touch points and anywhere that may have been contaminated by an infected person. 


As a cleaning equipment manufacturer, we too are operating 'business as usual' despite office staff working remotely. Our manufacturing team are still in full production capacity at our UK site in Mere, delivering products to our distribution network supplying the Food & Beverage and Healthcare industries. We know how important it is to ensure thorough cleaning procedures are put in place for these industries, especially during a global pandemic like Coronavirus. Likewise, we know that it is equally important that suppliers to these industries also deliver on good practices.

Hillbrush Coronavirus (COVID-19) Risk Assessment


By using guidance from the World Health Organization and NHS to ensure the risk assessment is following the latest advice.

COVID Risk Assessment


Risk matrix used in risk assessment below RR = residual risk

Please see below in the accordion section for further details and information.


  • Please ensure all staff are aware of reporting requirements and that all confirmed cases are escalated to your H&S competent person .
  • Information notes are to be sent out and any updates communicated in a timely manner to the workforce.
  • This must include letting staff know about symptoms and actions the medical professionals are advising people to take.
  • A colleague who has been isolated for 14 days cannot return to work until the appropriate ‘fit note’ documentation is provided by their GP/healthcare provider to demonstrate they are now fit to return to work.
  • Assessments to be reviewed every 6 months or where significant change has occurred
  • Please remind staff that in order to minimise the risk of spread of infection, we rely on everyone in the industry taking responsibility for their actions and behaviours.
  • Please encourage an open and collaborative approach between your teams on site where any issues can be openly discussed and addressed.

If in England call NHS on 111, if in Scotland call your GP or NHS 24, If in Wales call 0845 46 47 or 111 or if in Northern Ireland contact 0300 200 7885 where you will be assessed by an appropriate specialist.  NHS guidance is that you do not go directly to your GP surgery, community pharmacy or hospital unless an emergency occurs.