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Color Coded Antimicrobial Tools

Hillbrush offers a line of antimicrobial products where all the plastics and resins contain a Biomaster silver-based antimicrobial additive. The products are in practical terms identical to the standard ones, equally effective, durable and hard wearing, but they also pack a punch when it comes to the growth of populations of bacteria, mildews and fungi. US legislation prevents us from saying exactly what huge benefits this antimicrobial additive can have when it comes to the spread of microbial contamination, but when used alongside good housekeeping measures you can be sure it is a great deal more than ‘controlling odor’. If you would like to know more, please visit the Polygiene website. The additive works for the lifetime of the product.

Hillbrush antimicrobial products used to be available in purple only, for easy identification. Now they are also available in five other colors, to help with your HACCP or 5S systems. Each product is marked as antimicrobial alongside the logo.

Antimicrobial brushes are Resin Set as standard.

All components in our antimicrobial products are FDA and EU approved for food contact.

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