Color Coded Handles

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Mask Group 9

Color Coded Handles

Hillbrush has handles in aluminum, fiberglass, plastic and stainless steel to go with its brooms and squeegees. They have a tapered Euro thread, and hanging holes for convenient storage.

Tubular anodized aluminum is the work horse of our handle line. It is light, smooth, easily cleaned, corrosion resistant and available in up to nine colors. At 1.2mm/0.05” wall thickness it is strong, and lasts very well with all our products in everyday use. The longer lengths, up to 61”, have a comfortable plastic sleeve. The aluminum #ALH6 has a thinner wall thickness than the rest. It is very light, and is intended mainly for use with the Foodservice line.

Polypropylene and fiberglass handles, both 55” long, are metal free. The plastic handle also comes in an antimicrobial version. We recommend these corrosion proof handles for lighter work, and for use with brooms and squeegees up to 16” wide.

Tubular type 304 stainless steel is immensely strong, looks spectacular when polished and is corrosion proof, but it is also heavy. It is used where there is an outsize requirement for sheer strength, or where aluminum or plastic handles are liable to wear when constantly scraped against metal surfaces.

Extending handles (up to 158”) are available, but should always be used with discretion in food processing environments, as they contain parts that could come loose or be knocked off. NEVER use poles close to electrical wiring.