Color Coded Resin Set Brushes

Looks Normal On Top, Works Hard Underneath

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Color Coded Resin Set Brushes

First developed in 1986, the Hillbrush Resin Set line is the world’s most effective, versatile and reliable method of filament retention in brushes. This Dual Retention System minimizes the risk of filament loss, and fills spaces created by brush tufts when they are anchored in the block in the standard way.

Food grade stainless steel staples secure the filaments in a recessed brush back, which is then flooded with an antimicrobial epoxy resin (if you need fully antimicrobial brushes, refer to the Antimicrobial section. The brush then undergoes an extensive process to ensure the resin fills every void, eliminating areas where dirt and moisture could otherwise accumulate. Once the resin has cured, the filaments are firmly held by two separate means. Both methods are good in their own right, but using both at the same time makes the likelihood of any fiber coming loose extremely remote. Please remember that brushes made this way cannot prevent fibers being cut off or worn away by sharp edges.

We recommend the use of the Resin Set option where loose fibers or microbial contamination could be a problem, particularly food processing areas.  Most brushes in the Hillbrush hygiene line are available with the Resin Set as an option, so when it comes to the variation of products that you need with extra-secure filaments, the Hillbrush line is by far the most versatile in the industry.

All components in our Resin Set products are FDA and EU approved for food contact.

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