The Journey of a Marketing Intern: From Hannover to Mere

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"Brushing Off the Old: Embracing a Fresh Start"

Mattes - Marketing InternWho could have imagined that it would turn out to be such a beautiful, enlightening, and amazing time? When I stood on the platform in Hannover at 5 a.m., all I wanted to do was go back to sleep. To make a long story short, my journey with Deutsche Bahn was typically twice as long, and after a 17-hour trip involving 6 trains, a tube, and 2 taxis, I found myself in my new room struggling with my overweight suitcase. But I made it! I'm finally here!

I never would have thought that my studies in Applied Media and Communication Sciences (something with media) would lead me to England to work for a major manufacturer of brushes, brooms, and other cleaning products. To this day, many of my friends still believe that I work in a top-secret government lab. But no, brush factories do exist, and Hillbrush is a special one. And this is where my journey into the wide world of broom marketing begins.

I was thrown into a completely new world, where theory turned into practice, and I had to let go of some preconceived notions. I remember struggling to recall the English word for a fax machine and experiencing a little culture shock. Things were different here compared to the companies I had previously worked for in Germany. Hillbrush had a flat hierarchy and short processes, and the printer remained idle for most of the day. The fax machine had found its rightful place in the museum. It was a refreshing and pleasant experience, quite different from the bureaucratic environment I was used to.



"From Web Wizards to Video Virtuosos: Brushing Up on Digital Magic and Capturing Moments with Broom-tastic Flair!"

But what did I do all day for the past 6 months? Marketing! It's a big word, but what does it really mean for me in my role? As an intern, my focus was on video content. I was involved in creating video banners for the website, producing product videos, tutorials, GIFs, and trailers. It was an all-encompassing experience. When I wasn't immersed in exploring tools like Premiere and After Effects, I assisted with website maintenance, took product photos, planned website and campaign strategies, and collaborated with agencies, among other tasks. I had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects and gained valuable insights. Moreover, I had the chance to experiment with various techniques, such as animations, 360-degree videos, VR, 3D models, and testing AI applications for Hillbrush.

"Dust off the Doubts and Polish your Knowledge: Unleashing the Bristle Power of Learning!"

Hillbrush provided me with countless opportunities for both theoretical and practical learning. I attended numerous seminars on marketing and media topics, greatly expanding my knowledge in these areas, including social media. This not only complemented my university education but also enabled me to grow beyond the role of a stereotypical intern. In addition to theoretical knowledge, I acquired practical skills. I significantly improved my proficiency in various software programs like Premiere and After Effects, gained familiarity with marketing tools like HubSpot, and successfully planned and executed my own projects. Last but not least, I can now confidently navigate the QWERTY keyboard.




"Brooments Unleashed: Sweeping Through Hilarious Internship Adventures!"

Lottie - Office DogBeyond the professional aspects, it's the unique moments that make the internship truly memorable. From office dogs attempting to steal my work to a hilarious photoshoot with a horse, and the countless amazing trips, tours, and funny experiences with my new colleagues.

However, work alone would be dull. So, here's a summary of my "Cool Abroad Stories":

  • Exploring a bunker in Plymouth... Check!
  • Partying all night during the Eurovision Song Contest... Check!
  • Getting completely soaked during King Charles' coronation... Check!
  • Running away from a herd of sheep… Don’t ask! Check!
  • Indulging in a full English breakfast, Shepherd's pie, Earl Grey... Check, Check, Check!
  • Driving on the left side of the road… hell no… I am still scared!
  • Trying Marmite. England are you all right? Check!
  • And so much more

I'm incredibly glad I took the leap and embarked on this island adventure. I've learned a great deal, met wonderful people, and shaped my career aspirations significantly. Spoiler alert: The marketing department probably won't lose me entirely.

At this point, I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude:

Thank you so much for providing me with these incredible opportunities and for making my time at Hillbrush truly amazing!


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