Economy Essentials Line

Economically Priced Color Coded Cleaning Tools

Mask Group 9

Essentials Line

The Essentials Line consists of 24 different cleaning products in five colors, enough to cover all the main bases in any food production facility  The new Essentials Line includes hand brushes, brooms, floor scrubs, squeegees, tank brushes, handles, dustpans and a drain brush.  All products are made with materials approved by the FDA for food contact and come in a multitude of colors for color coding purposes.

The Essentials Line products are available in five colors to assist with color coding and HACCP compliance.

Some products are available in other additional colors, at standard List prices. Essentials products may be ordered along with standard products. Case sizes are not necessary to get the Essentials prices, but will arrive in manufacturer-fresh condition if ordered in case quantities.