Salmon or Hillbrush? A Little Bit of Brand History

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Hillbrush was founded in 1922 by Fred and Bill Coward. They called their business ‘The Hill Brush Company’, because it was located at the base of the distinctive Castle Hill you will see if you visit Mere today. In just a few years the brushes they made were being used in streets, farms and factories across Britain.

From the very beginning, the brothers stamped their brushes with a salmon logo, born out of Bill’s love for salmon fishing. The salmon logo not only distinguished the business from its competitors, but as the ‘King of Fish’ it also represented the quality of the products they were making. Over the years the logo has evolved but the salmon has remained an integral part of Hillbrush, and to this day many locals and customers worldwide refer to the Company as ‘salmon brushes’, ‘the fish brand’ or ‘the brushes with the fish’!

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At the end of 2016, Hillbrush moved to a new state-of-the-art facility at Norwood Park, on the outskirts of Mere. At the same time the company issued the latest iteration of the logo, along with contemporary brand guidelines to support the business for the next generation of products. We still include the Salmon on our main logo because it represents our company and family history.

All our products are branded with our logo, either through hot branding or pad printing. Some of our products also have the logo embossed into the plastic. Our logos and associated brands are trademarked in accordance with the countries and legal entities in which we operate.

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The evolution of the Hillbrush brand has been in keeping with the design trends of the period, but we have remained true to our heritage and iconography for which the company has been known and loved for so many years.

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