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1.4 Liter / 0.37 USG Hydrofoamer Gun

1.4 Liter / 0.37 USG Hydrofoamer Gun

$187.00 excl Sales Tax
0.37 USG HydroFoamer spray gun. The kit comes with a spray gun (3/4" BSP connection) and filter, rinsing wand, lid assembly, metering tip kit, suction tube and strainer, the 0.37 USG container, full instructions including a trouble shooting section, and guidelines on how to adjust the desired metering of concentrated cleaning chemicals.


Retention Method: Standard
Option / Size: 1.4 Litre
Material: Polypropylene
Length: 9.5 in
Width: 9.5 in
Height: 10 in
Min Usage Temperature: -0.4 ℉
Max Usage Temperature: 174.2 ℉
Pack Size: 1
Country Of Origin: GBR
Weight: 2.4000 lbs