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Soft 520 x 120mmø Curved Twisted Stainless Steel Wire Brush

Soft 20" x 4.75"ø¸ Curved Twisted Stainless Steel Wire Brush

SKU:  T1072
$74.10 excl Sales Tax
Pipe brush, for external pipework. This twisted in stainless steel wire brush is filled with soft blue Polyester, trimmed 4"ø¸. It is approximately 25" overall, and is shaped for cleaning pipes. It comes with our threaded #AH/CON angle connector and fits any of our hygiene range handles, or our extending handles #HAN1352 and #FGH5. See other dusting brushes #T1025, #COR7, #COR9.


Retention Method: Standard
Stiffness: Soft
Material: Stainless Steel
Colour: Blue
Fill Material: Polyester
Pack Size: 1
Country Of Origin: BEL


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