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Anti-Microbial Stiff 254mm Short Handled Brush - Purple

10" Anti-Microbial Stiff Short Handled Brush - AM Purple

$23.49 excl Sales Tax
Product is splittable, minimum order quantity is 1
10" Anti-Microbial stiff hand brush. Polyester fill, Resin set DRS® as standard. This tough brush has generous side and end spread and is good for scrub downs and getting at hard-to-reach corners. The gripped handle is easy to hold with gloved hands. Anti-Microbial purple only.


Retention Method: Resin-Set DRS
Stiffness: Stiff
Material: Polypropylene
Colour: Purple
Fill Material: Polyester
Pack Size: 6
Packaging Composition: Plastic Bag/Cardboard Box
Country Of Origin: GBR


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