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Anti-Microbial 12 Litre Ultra Hygienic Bucket - Purple

Anti-Microbial 12 Liter / 3 US Gallon Ultra Hygienic Bucket

$36.95 excl Sales Tax
12 liter / 3 US gallon bucket, high impact Polypropylene (Anti-Microbial purple only), approximately 12" ø¸ x 12" tall, with a sturdy contoured handle and internal liter and gallon measurements. The plastics and dyes used are EU and FDA approved for food contact, and, like all products in our Hygiene Range have passed food related migration tests (please ask for details). The bucket is base banded for durability and stability, and has a splash free lip and convenient base hold for easy pouring. The bucket may be stored up upside down using our #HH2 wall hanger. The bucket has hinges to fit the optional lid #AMMBK15/LID. For a metal detectable and X-ray visible version, see #MBK15MDX.


Retention Method: Standard
Material: Polypropylene
Colour: Purple
Pack Size: 1
Packaging Composition: Plastic Bag
Country Of Origin: GBR


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