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Oval brush filled goat hair, leather strap, 6.75

6.75" Oval brush filled goat hair, leather strap

SKU:  1285
$26.44 excl Sales Tax
6.75" wood block, pure white goat hair, leather strap. This luxury brush is very densely filled with white pure goat hair which although exceptionally soft, is hard wearing and resilient. It can be used on the most sensitive skin and really is the best brush for giving the coat that final polish. There are copies around of course, but they are not the same. Incidentally many horses are intrigued by the smell of goat hair, and this may add to your grooming experience!


Length: 6.8''
Width: 3.3''
Height: 1.5''
Trim Length: 1''
Pack Size: 1
Packaging Composition: Cardboard
Country Of Origin: GBR
Weight: 6.3 oz


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