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Mini Beastie Brush display box, 12 brushes

Beastie Brush display box, 12 brushes

SKU:  550
$8.28 excl Sales Tax
Mini Beastie brush display box. There are never two 6 1/4" brushes alike in a 12 pack of our wildly colored Beastie Brushes, we make hundreds of different patterns in dozens of different colors. Put the display case on a counter, and no one can miss them! Don't be fooled by poor copies - well filled with good quality medium fiber, our fun Beastie Brushes are just great for general grooming.


Stiffness: Medium
Material: NULL
Length: 15''
Width: 6''
Height: 6.5''
Pack Size: 1
Packaging Composition: Cardboard
Country Of Origin: CAN
Weight: 6.4 oz


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