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Brush cleaner sachets in premade display box,  which includes 12 sachets per box

Brush cleaner sachets in display box, 12 sachets per box

SKU:  2539
$69.84 excl Sales Tax
12 sachets of effervescent brush cleaner in a pop-up display box, rids your brushes of dirt, debris, bacteria and fungi in just 8 minutes. Trapped hairs loosen and comb out easily, leaving your brushes sparkling with a great citrus scent. Just air dry your brushes gently after cleaning. Clean brushes work far better and last much longer than dirty ones. One gallon of water and a convenient sachet of Brush Therapy™ does it all! Brush Therapy™ by Joz™ cleans and restores brushes. It was actually developed after the inventor's horse acquired rain rot. We also developed Brush Therapy™ so that bleach would not need to be used because it is so hard on brushes. Note that bleach does not penetrate the biofilm that is on the brushes, while Brush Therapy™ does. Regular detergents will not remove the biofilm either. Add 1 packet of Brush Therapy™ to 1 gallon of warm water. Let the brushes sit in the solution for 8 minutes. With larger thinner wooden backs soak the bristles only, in a shallow tray. Remove the brushes from the solution after 8 minutes and use a comb to loosen embedded hair. Rinse the brushes thoroughly with cool water. Repeat the process if needed. (Brush Therapy™ uses a three level cleaning process so it is important to leave the brushes in the solution for the full 8 minutes even though the solution will stop bubbling by then). Shake out excess water and allow to air dry gently in a well ventilated area. Avoid drying the brushes with heaters or fans, particularly where the brushes have wood backs and/or natural fibers. You can always increase the volume of water used, and the number of brushes to be cleaned. However, while you will get a reasonable reaction with a larger volume, you will achieve a better result by using the 1 gallon to 1 packet ratio. Don't overcrowd the brushes, you want the bubbles to flow easily through the fibers. Brush Therapy™ removes the biofilm that exists on brush fibers and helps repel dirt once the brush is cleaned. This will help keep the brushes cleaner for longer, and will extend the useful and effective life of the brush. You can also use Brush Therapy™ to clean nylon halters, fly masks and splint boots. If in doubt, please contact us. Use only as directed. Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes. Do not ingest. Minors should be supervised by an adult. Made in USA. Brush Therapy™ is available in a pop up display box of 12 sachets (#2539), as single sachets (#2539S), in bulk packs of 200 sachets (#2539/200) and in an eight dose resealable bag (#2551).


Width: 2.0''
Pack Size: 1
Country Of Origin: USA
Weight: 2 oz