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Aroma Therapy - Breathe

Aroma Therapy - Breathe

SKU:  2548
$6.80 excl Sales Tax
Help your horse naturally. 'Breathe' is made with blended conifer oils which help your horse breathe deeply. It is perfect if your horse has a cold, or to encourage deep breathing while shipping. We offer four Aroma Therapy fragrances in 1/2oz/50g jars: #2546 Stress, #2547 Mint, #2548 Breathe, #2549 Happy. You can get them in individual fragrances, or one of each (4 in total) in a starter pack, #2550. Just rub a small amount of Aroma Therapy on the horse's nose, and watch the enjoyment.


Material: NULL
Pack Size: 1
Packaging Composition: Cardboard
Country Of Origin: USA