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Rice Root / Polypropylene mix water brush, 7.4

Rice Root / Polypropylene mix water brush, 7.4"

SKU:  1132
$13.40 excl Sales Tax
7.4" wood block, Rice Root (Mexican Whisk) and polypropylene mix, is probably the best deep cleansing material there is. It penetrates the coat extremely well, but it is gentle too. Rice root is used extensively for grooming cattle as well as horses. Rice Root should ALWAYS be THOROUGHLY SOAKED before use.


Stiffness: Medium
Length: 7.3''
Width: 2.5''
Height: 2.5''
Fill Material: Rice Root / Polypropylene
Trim Length: 1.5''
Pack Size: 1
Packaging Composition: Cardboard
Country Of Origin: GBR
Weight: 8.1 oz