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World Class Cleaning, World Class Quality

Hillbrush has been making brushes and cleaning equipment for nearly 100 years, and today operates from a new state of the art facility in Wiltshire, England. We manufacture brushes, squeegees and other cleaning products for the agricultural, domestic, industrial, janitorial, trade and food processing sectors. We also have an advanced injection molding division, where we make our own plastic brush backs, and other moldings to order. Hillbrush offers over two thousand different standard products, and distributes to more than 90 countries.

Hillbrush Inc., operating out of Baltimore, MD since 2001, distributes our highly advanced Hygiene line for food processing and food handling, including anti-microbial, metal detectable and resin set brushes and cleaning equipment. We also have a wide range of superb horse brushes and grooming equipment, incorporating our well-made Champion Brush branded dandy brushes in three sizes to fit all hands and filled with the best grooming fibers available.

We continue to strive for excellence in everything we do, including product development and customer service. See our About section to find out more.

Speciality Product Lines

The world's most effective and reliable method of filament retention. These high quality cleaning tools are essential for good hygiene standards.
Designed for food producers and healthcare providers that require exceptionally high standards of cleanliness, due diligence and odor control.
Made with metal detectable and x-ray visible plastics, this range was developed to minimize foreign object contamination in food processing facilities.
A board made to your specification that helps organize and segregate your workplace cleaning equipment. Essential in strict hygiene areas.