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29mmø Galvanised Steel Clamp

29mmø Galvanised Steel Clamp

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Product is splittable, minimum order quantity is 1
Galvanized steel clamp. This fits all the large double hole yard brooms (like the P12 and P7), and takes any 28mmø wood handle. It ensures the handle will never fall out, no matter how much the broom is used.

Product Specification

Length: 140 mm
Width: 75 mm
Height: 52 mm
Weight: 0.29 kg
Material: Metal
Filament Retention: Standard
Stiffness: NULL
Country Of Origin: CN

Pack Specification

Pack Quantity: 100
Length: 148 mm
Width: 81 mm
Height: 59 mm
Weight: 0.32 kg
Packaging: Cardboard Box