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Finest Stiff 457mm Platform Broom

Finest Stiff 457mm Platform Broom

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457mm stiff platform broom, wood back, densely filled stiff Bahia fibre. Bahia has outstanding sweeping and durability characteristics, and outperforms all other fibres, including plastics. The stiff part of this remarkable natural fibre is specially selected for this broom. It performs superbly in wet or dry conditions, and is is the best there is for use on all rugged surfaces, tarmac and concrete, and brushing out heavy mud, dirt and rubble. Recommended handle, A54/2TAP, or better still, try the SNB1 metal socket.


Retention Method: Standard
Stiffness: Stiff
Material: Wood
Length: 462 mm
Width: 75 mm
Height: 127 mm
Fill Material: Bahia
Trim Length: 101 mm
Pack Size: 6
Packaging Composition: Cardboard Box
Country Of Origin: GB
Weight: 1.1620 kg