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Trade Medium 305mm Sweeping Broom

Trade Medium 305mm Sweeping Broom

SKU:  14P
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This product is not available to business customers
Product is not splittable, minimum order quantity is 12
Bassine broom, 305mm wood block, medium stiff for general debris, best used in dryer conditions. Recommended handle A48/1 (or see 14PFA48/1). For dustier conditions, try the 7P. Much wider versions, prefixed H19 are also available. See also 27P.

Product Specification

Length: 302 mm
Width: 66 mm
Height: 103 mm
Weight: 0.45 kg
Material: Wood
Filament Material: Bassine
Filament Retention: Standard
Stiffness: Medium
Country Of Origin: LK

Pack Specification

Pack Quantity: 12
Length: 515 mm
Width: 273 mm
Height: 304 mm
Weight: 8.4 kg
Packaging: Cardboard Box