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Finest Stiff 330mm Yard Broom

Finest Stiff 330mm Yard Broom

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This product is not available to business customers
Product is not splittable, minimum order quantity is 6
Sherbro/Polypropylene heavy yard broom, 330mm round back, double handle hole. Hard wearing, extremely effective. It works well wet or dry. Good for all heavy outdoor work, especially for road sweeping and farm work. Recommended handle, A54/2, TH54/2W. If this broom is going to be used continually, we recommend the BCL broom clamp. See also P7. This item is discontinued but we might still have some in stock. Please contact a member of our team to enquire about your buying options.

Product Specification

Length: 332 mm
Width: 97 mm
Height: 192 mm
Weight: 1.28 kg
Material: Wood
Filament Material: Polypropylene, Sherbro
Filament Retention: Standard
Stiffness: Stiff
Country Of Origin: GB

Pack Specification

Pack Quantity: 6
Length: 382 mm
Width: 385 mm
Height: 421 mm
Weight: 7.85 kg
Packaging: Cardboard Box