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MDX Medium 280mm Sweeping Broom - Blue

MDX Medium 280mm Sweeping Broom - Blue

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Product is splittable, minimum order quantity is 1
280mm broom, Polypropylene block, filled soft metal detectable and x-ray visible Polyester (grey only). Should fibres come away from the brush and get into a production line, they will likely be detected by any properly calibrated metal detection system. Recommended handle SSH2MDX.


Retention Method: Standard
Option / Size: 280mm
Stiffness: Medium
Material: Polypropylene
Colour: Blue
Length: 293 mm
Width: 68 mm
Height: 110 mm
Fill Material: Polyester
Trim Length: 55 mm
Pack Size: 6
Country Of Origin: GB
Weight: 0.4390 kg