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Total MDX Ultra Hygienic Bucket Lid

Total MDX Ultra Hygienic Bucket Lid

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Lid for the MBK15MDX bucket, metal detectable and X-ray visible high impact Poypropylene. This snugly fitting optional lid is hinged, so that once attached to the bucket it cannot fall off or be left behind.

Product Specification

Length: 325 mm
Width: 297 mm
Height: 23 mm
Weight: 0.18 kg
Material: Polypropylene
Filament Retention: Standard
Country Of Origin: GB
Min Usage Temperature: -18 ℃
Max Usage Temperature: 79 ℃

Pack Specification

Pack Quantity: 1
Length: 627 mm
Width: 316 mm
Height: 364 mm
Weight: 7.8 kg
Packaging: Cardboard Box