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Anti-Microbial Dual Stiffness 210mm Double Wing Scrub

Anti-Microbial Dual Stiffness 210mm Double Wing Scrub

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Anti-Microbial dual stiffness 210mm double wing hand scrub, stiff Polyester fill, resin set DRS® as standard. This tough scrub is comfortable to hold, and is double winged for maximum cleaning action on tough engrained dirt. As pressure is exerted on the ends, the fibres splay out and reach into difficult corners.


Retention Method: Resin-Set DRS
Material: Polypropylene
Colour: Purple
Length: 207mm
Width: 64mm
Height: 54mm
Fill Material: Polyester
Min Usage Temperature: -18℃
Max Usage Temperature: 79℃
Pack Size: 6
Packaging Composition: Plastic Bag/Cardboard Box
Country Of Origin: GBR
Weight: 0.2950kg


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