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World Class Quality, World Class Safety

Hillbrush is the UK’s largest manufacturer of brushware and hygienic cleaning tools. We distribute our products worldwide and have set the benchmark for quality and innovation across the cleaning, food manufacturing and agricultural industries.

We continue to strive for excellence in everything we do including product development and customer service. 

Hillbrush are supplying important cleaning equipment to many key workforces, including hospitals and supermarkets, so our amazing manufacturing and warehouse teams are still working hard every day to continue this. We have implemented strict social distancing rules to keep everyone safe during the COVID19 pandemic, but are continuing to work in as normal a fashion as possible. 

Hillbrush Key Solutions

Hillbrush Antimicrobial range is infused with a silver-ion additive from Biomaster which guarantees fast, effective antimicrobial protection for the effective lifetime of the product, helps to keep surfaces clean and hygienic and reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Hillbrush Resin Set products provide an additional level of filament retention, by filling the recesses of the brush with an FDA approved epoxy resin, infused with the Biomaster antimicrobial additive, securing and reducing the risk of filament loss.

Every component within our Total MDX hygienic tools range is both metal and x-ray detectable, including the backs, filaments and the resin. The detectability minimises the risk of foreign object contamination.

Hillbrush Hygiene offers a comprehensive range of the most advanced hygienic cleaning tools available, featuring our pioneering Resin Set DRS® brushes, Anti-Microbial tools, and metal detectable plastic MDX brushes and cleaning equipment. Our ranges are available in up to 12 colours and made from FDA and EU approved virgin materials. Our brushware contains stainless steel staples and does not use flagged fibres.


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Hillbrush Traditional has long supported the agriculture and construction sector with exceptional tools. We combine sustainably sourced materials, including high grade timber and natural fibres, with a wealth of manufacturing experience. Generations of end users tell us that they would only ever use a brand they trusted and the Hillbrush Traditional range is used as a benchmark of quality to compare others against our products.


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A comprehensive collection of brushware and ancillary items, perfect for all manner of janitorial, council and commercial cleaning applications. Includes telescopic handles litter picking and floor care equipment, as well as a professional window cleaning range.


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Shadow Boards

A shadow board is an organisational tool that enables you to segregate your workplace cleaning equipment. They can reduce the risk of cross contamination and ensure that all of your cleaning tools are accounted for and in order.Equipment is stored efficiently and hygienically, making shadow boards an integral part of site improvement. Reduces replacement costs by ensuring equipment is always available and in good condition. The shadow boards improve colour coded segregation, reduce the risk of cross contamination, and reinforces colour coding policy on site. 

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