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Wall Mounted Shadow Boards

Shadow boards are a very organized means of making sure your cleaning tools are available and in good condition when required. They promote color coding systems, reduce the risk of cross contamination, and allow brushes and other cleaning products to dry naturally. You can see at a glance if tools are damaged or missing.


We can make these boards for you, to hold the Hillbrush tools you need, in the colors you require, with any copy or logo you wish.


We offer two standard types of board:


  • DiBond (3mm thick) – A strong, hard, easily cleaned aluminum laminate with a polyethylene core. It has good impact resistance and is ideal for high traffic areas.
  • Vivak (1.4mm thick) – A very hard, high impact thermoplastic sheet, ideal for hygiene sensitive areas and wet environments. Complies with FDA food contact requirements.


The above boards come as standard in 4’ x 8’ sheets, and may be cut to your preferred size.


Please ask for samples.

Shadow Board Order Form

Shadow Board Design

We design the shadow board directly with you, from start to finish. Use the Shadow Board Order Form to provide us with information about the tools you require, the text you wish to include, and any logo (in vector format). We will advise on the best size of board, and orientation of the products. You will get a cost estimate for the work. After you approve the estimate, you will get a proof. Modifications to the proof are no problem, you can alter the original up to three times free of charge.

Hooks and Hangers

Hillbrush offers a number of hooks and hangers to hold our products on the boards. We will advise on the best ones to use. View hooks and holders.

Stand Offs

Some customers wish to keep their boards out of direct contact with the wall, using stand offs. These are very useful if you have uneven wall surfaces which could create dirt traps. They also allow the board easily to be removed for cleaning purposes, and do away with the need for multiple holes in the wall for hooks and hangers that would otherwise be needed. Hillbrush stand offs are 1” long, and are made with solid stainless steel. Remember that a stand off at each corner will not be enough for large boards (particularly Vivak) with a heavy product load, and more than four will likely be required.


All boards are made to order, so there is no set cost for a shadow board.

However, a typical 4’ x 6’ board will cost about $700 net, including proof costs and freight. A single board and design will likely cost more, while the unit cost of several boards made to the same design will be less. Once you have submitted the Shadow Board Order Form for each design, we will give you an estimate before any work begins.

Lead Time & Delivery

After approval of the estimate and going through the Design process (see above) we get to the final stage. We need to receive an official order, and prepayment either by credit card or ACH. After receipt of this is confirmed, delivery to you takes about four weeks. The boards are packed very carefully so that they arrive in factory fresh condition.

More Information

Call or email Lori at 410 325 7000, lori@hillbrush.com. Or, simply submit the Shadow Board Order Form and we will get right back to you.

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